Below are comments from some of our customers.

Gary, via Google Reviews:

Highly recommend them, they fixed my dryer duct problem for $157 that another large company wanted a minimum of $1600 to do and the other company wanted to cut holes in my walls. These guys came in and found the problem quickly and fixed it without cutting holes in my wall. They knew what the other company wanted to charge me and they did not try and hike the price. Great company and they guys were efficient and very friendly, highly recommend.

- Gary

Brent, via email:

I looked into my attic and noticed that the vent for the dryer was not properly installed to exhaust out the roof. It was blowing lint into the attic. I called Jeff and within 2 days he came by and fixed the problem. Quick professional service. Thank you very much Jeff, I have already recommended you to friends and family.

- Brent

Tanya J., via email:

We've hired Jeff in the past to come and clean out our dryer vent and ducting. Our dryer and ducting were both around 9 or 10 years old at that point and the dryer cycle was well over an hour. After Jeff worked his magic, the dryer cycle decreased to about 45 to 50 minutes and significantly reduced our chances of a fire hazard. He took time to explain his services, he was prompt and very professional/knowledgeable in that he was able to point out a deficiency in our venting set-up which we knew existed years prior.

Just recently, we purchased a new washer and dryer. We knew from Jeff's last visit that the dryer vent extension needed reinforcing. The appliance retailer told us 'they would take care of that issue' upon delivery. They did not. They insisted there was nothing wrong with the current extension, insisted on getting paid for doing nothing and 20 minutes into a dryer cycle, we were non-operational as we knew we would be. Jeff came to our rescue on very short notice and on a Sunday!! He was immediately able to determine why the existing dryer vent extension would not work and came up with a solution on the spot and executed the fix with a wonderful demeanor which left us feeling very relieved, confident and extremely grateful. He is someone we think very highly of and we would not hesitate to recommend any services he offers. He takes pride in his work, offers excellent customer care, offers reasonable prices and is just a great person in general.

Thanks Jeff!!

- Tanya J.

Bhavesh, via text (personal information removed):

Thank you so much for coming out and checking and not charging anything. That truly is great customer service. Please send me your business card via text message and I will advertise... to our internal staff. I am truly amazed with your honesty it's very rare to come across honest genuine people in today's world. I have a 2500 sq foot house... and need the ducts and dryer vent cleaned would you be able to do that for me? ...Please do let me know and thank you so much.

- Bhavesh

Sarah G., via email:

Hi Jeff!

Thank you so much for coming by and doing such a fantastic job cleaning out my dryer vent. I can now rest at ease that all that potentially dangerous lint has been removed! You were quick, and efficient and reasonably priced! Thank you also for correcting the issue of the leaky hose, my dryer is working so much more efficiently now. I know that this will save our family money long term!

You were very friendly and did such a great job. I will definitely recommend Lint Busters to all of my friends and family!

- Sarah G., Anmore, BC

Naomi Deildal, via email:

I am a new owner of a 100 year old partially renovated character home. In addition to three reno projects, there were a lot of smaller but priority deficiencies that had to be addressed immediately including a few venting systems (kitchen stove fan and a bathroom fan) that were either a fire hazard or shoddily installed.

Called many contractors and received only few call backs. Contractors that did breeze in to take a look would ignore me when I told them about the smaller jobs. Many of the contractors also put a lot of fear and negativity into my mindset that I feared to live in the house even before I got to move in!

Decided to take on finding suitable service providers for the small jobs and that's when I found Lintbusters. I called when I saw the pictures of issues that I had on their website. Jeff called me back within 2 hours and scheduled a time 2 days later. He was on time and took the time to scope out all my vents. He was honest - and of the 4 potential concerns, he said I should only be concerned by 2.

He quoted me a very reasonable price (lower than I feared), scheduled me in the next week (again on time!) and got the job done for the price and within the timeframe he promised. He took the time to explain and show me all the work he was doing - which I really appreciated!

Thank you Jeff for the fast service and good work you provided - I will be referring your services to all my home owning friends!

- Naomi Deildal, New Westminster, BC

Jane Roher, via email:

I want you to know that my dryer and its new venting is working perfectly!! I put bath towels in for 30 mins and they are DRY when the timer goes off. No big deal for some people - HUGE for me! Thanks for making this mess work properly - I'll be sure to recommend you and your service to anyone who'll listen.

- Jane Roher, BC

Joe and Lisa, via email:

If you're looking for someone to fix your lint problems, look no Lintbusters right away! We had a problem with our dryer in that we noticed it less efficient, taking as long as 70 minutes to dry a load. We called Jeff and he was able to come to our home and fix the problem the very next day... a nasty build up of lint through the vent that we ourselves could not reach. We tested the dryer right away and sure enough, back to 35 minutes drying time. Lintbusters not only probably saved our dryer, as it was getting super hot, but also likely prevented a potential house fire. Lintbusters has amazing customer service and is extremely affordable, and we were 100% satisfied with our service. We would definitely recommend them in a heartbeat to any neighbors and friends. Thanks Jeff and Lintbusters!

- Joe and Lisa, New Westminster, BC

David and Elizabeth, via email:

Our dryer vent stopped working. Jeff quoted a price on the phone. He arrived on time, reconnected and cleaned the vent and reinforced the ducting so it would not disconnect again. Even though he had to go into the crawl space several times, he kept to his quote. Greater Vancouver needs an honest, professional dryer vent service and LINTBUSTERS fills that niche. We heartily recommend this company.

- Dave and Liz

Pete, via email:

A combination of house proximity, acoustics and an illegal suite resulted in our neighbour's dryer vent emitting an unbearable high-pitched whistling sound. After several unsuccessful attempts to remedy the situation, we called in Lintbusters who assessed the situation and provided a creative and custom venting system to baffle the noise and restore our peace - and at a reasonable price! Awesome job, thank you so much!

- Pete

Angela, via email:

Thank you so much for helping out a single Mom yesterday and providing excellent service for a reasonable and fair price! I couldn't believe all the lint buildup in the vent from the dryer - what a fire hazard! I'm so relieved and grateful that you replaced the entire dryer vent with good rigid material and so that I now have excellent venting and peace of mind.

I have nothing but good things to say about yourself and the service you provide. Often I've been taken advantage of by service people due to my single Mom status and so I'm super happy that you didn't gouge me. I will definately pass your cards out.

- Angela

Samuel, via email:

I want to say thank you for a fabulous job you did for us today. You came to our home and took care of the dryer vent and also cleaned everything around the dryer and also in the backyard where the vent exhaust is. Thanks again for a great job you did for us. You have [saved] us so much in energy costs.

Please call me every two years and lets get this done regularly.

- Samuel

Janet, via email:

I required a small but awkward fix to my dryer duct, which Jeff came by very promptly to fix. At the same time, I asked him for some professional advice regarding the safety and efficiency of the ducting. He cheerily brought out his ladder to scale the heights of my tall house to reach the vent, and did a thorough check of all aspects of the system. Despite the time that this took, his charge was modest, and he at no time tried to upsell me into doing something which was not required presently. I found him to be very proficient, courteous, professional and helpful, and I will have no hesitation on calling on him if, or when, the situation arises, or referring him to my friends. For once I can say it was a pleasure to deal with a maintenance firm. Thank you, Jeff.

- Janet

M. Nelson, via email:

Jeff replaced, re-routed and cleaned my dryer vent. He arrived on time, was professionally attired, worked efficiently and was willing to problem-solve without the slightest hesitation or complaint. Added to all those attributes he was so pleasant and courteous. Compared to a number of other services I require, I found his charges pleasantly modest given the required materials and labour.

I would enthusiastically recommend his services.

- M. Nelson

David and Gail Boulter, via email:

You recently cleaned two dryer vents for us. We would like to commend you for your professional and efficient conduct and reasonable cost charged. We will certainly recommend your service to friends and will contact you again when the need arises.

Many thanks!

- David & Gail

Dr. Carol Nicolle ( -Tsiakos), via email:

After driving by Jeff's Lintbusters van numerous times in my neighbourhood and wondering why on earth I would need his service, I sure found out. When we moved to our new home our dryer vented out over 20 feet from the appliance. Can you imagine the lint accumulation after 13 years? Now having my vent cleaned my machine runs more efficiently. I would also have Jeff clean the vent again prior to installing a new appliance, when we get one, as my appliance is only as efficient as the air flow it gets. Clean vents mean energy savings.

- Dr. Carol Nicolle ( -Tsiakos)

Brad, via email:

It is my belief that you have saved us a lot of grief in getting this maintenance work completed in such a timely manner.

Thank You.

- Brad

Tina Yarn, via email:

Our dryer is working perfectly... I can't believe I waited over a year to get it looked at. I think I did all of our laundry in a day which is unheard of. :) Thank you so much... I am putting you on my link page and if I can send any business your way I am more than happy to do so.

Thanks Again, What a Difference.

- Tina

Michele, via Facebook:

I really wish I knew about this 2 months ago. I had a bad kink in my vent (from when I went digging back there for the hamster) and it ended up over heating the dryer and... you know the rest... you can expect to hear from me.

- Michele