Lintbusters proudly provides the following services for residential and low-rise strata complexes:

Our specialty: dryer duct cleaning, repair and installation

HRV/air exchanger cleaning and servicing


Dryer Duct Cleaning

A standard residential cleaning includes:

Inspection and cleaning of entire length of ducting.

Inspection and cleaning of dryer and transition ducting behind the dryer.

Inspection and cleaning of exterior vent.

Low-rise strata complex cleaning includes:

Complete exterior and/or interior duct and dryer cleaning.

Inspection and cleaning of exterior vents.


Dryer Duct Repair and Installation

Installation and repair work is varied but generally includes the following types of tasks:

Transition duct repair or replacement.

Ducting installation.

Exterior vent installation or repair.

Custom ducting solutions.


Air Exchanger (HRV) Cleaning:

Residential HRV cleaning includes:

Cleaning or replacement and deodorising of HRV filters.

Inspection and cleaning of unit interior and recovery core.

Inspection and cleaning of exterior intake and exhaust vents.