Custom Duct Work

The completed mufflerThe installation

A peculiar set of factors caused this person's dryer to emit a high-pitched whistling sound from the vent that was causing ongoing complaints from the next door neighbour. We designed and built a custom duct muffler and painted it to match the house siding. The muffler had to be installed on the outside of the house as there was simply no room for it inside the house. No more noise and no more complaints.

Ducting Installation


This customer's dryer ducting was installed like this and stayed that way for eleven years. This was removed and proper rigid metal ducting was installed.

Duct Cleaning

Several years of lint buildup

This person's ducting was almost completely blocked. The loose lint shown above was removed before the actual cleaning process even began.

Ducting Repair/Installation

How NOT to install dryer ducting

On this call, the customer knew that the existing dryer ducting was improperly installed and was concerned about a fire hazard. Upon inspection, it was found that the dryer ducting was simply run up into the attic, hung in mid-air and aimed at the attic vent.

As well, the duct material used was meant to be used for bathroom fans and would not have been able to contain a fire.

The duct work was simply blowing moist air directly into the attic, providing prime conditions for the development of mould.

We removed all the old ducting, replaced it with rigid metal ducting and vented it to an exterior wall.

Duct Cleaning

Badly-clogged dryer ducting

This customer's ducting was replaced with rigid metal ducting. After cutting open the old ducting we saw that it was badly clogged.

Such a clog can cause the dryer to work harder, run hotter and lead to increased drying times. Under certain circumstances, this could also lead to a fire.

Duct Cleaning

It's amazing what can get past your lint screen

The customer complained that it was taking too long to dry her clothes, especially towels. What you see above is the result of a thorough cleaning of the ducting, which was approximately fifteen feet in length.